Putoline Procool R+ Race Coolant

Putoline Procool R+ Race Coolant

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Procool R + is a Long Life, OAT Coolant concentrate. For optimal results, mix 5% Procool R + with tap water (20: 1 dilution). This product does not provide frost protection! Thanks to its unique formulation, the product has the following properties:

  • Provides maximum reliability & low maintenance life of all cooling system parts such as water pumps, seals & hoses
  • Advanced corrosion additives
  • Reliable stability with all levels of water hardness
  • Optimal corrosion protection of all types of metals, including aluminium & magnesium
  • Prevents overheating and reduces the operating temperature
  • Prevents cavitation
  • Environmentally friendly & low toxicity
  • Can be used safely on tracks & circuits

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