Bitubo Rear Shock CLU31

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STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY AND PERFORMANCE thanks to the innovations introduced by our products. The enthusiasm and great care taken by our R&D technicians enable us to propose this new evolved shock absorber that offers state-of-art technology and performance.

The “31” code identifies the red spring (for the most sportive models), while the “32” code specifies the black spring (for the most classic models).

The spring adjustment is controlled by the hydraulic preload, which can be operated manually or with a 14mm hexagonal key. 

The compensation tank is separated from the body for better fluid cooling and more freedom in the mounting position. It is  connected by a flexible hose, braided for very high pressure to improve the shock feedback and to increase the grip and comfort.



Nitrogen pressurised, with oil/gas floating piston in the compensation chamber. Ø16mm piston rod with anti-friction treatment and low friction bushing. Upper and lower head attachements made in aeronautical aluminium alloy, on precision CNC machines.



  • Low speed compression                             24 clicks
  • High speed compression                            20 clicks
  • Rebound                                                      24 clicks
  • Spring preload                                             12 mm = 24 clicks
  • Length                                                          8mm

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