Bitubo Pressurised Fork Cartridges JBH V1

Bitubo Pressurised Fork Cartridges JBH V1

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Please Note - Delivery time on these is 3-6 weeks
Pressurized cartridge with more stability during braking and support consistency that offers maximum driving safety. 
Plug & Play, it doesn't require any modification of original components and allows you to restore original suspensions at any time.
Revisable in all its parts so to maintain a constant efficiency throughout the life of the bike.
EC = Easy Changer is the spring quick change system and new cartridge disassembly system, without the need to remove the fork from the bike. This system makes it quick to modify the hydraulic calibration by track technicians because it is enough to modify a single cartridge for compression or rebound.
  • Spring preload
  • Rebound
  • Compression

Are available on request when ordering springs with alternative K-rate to the original, even for the most severe situations.

INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: Assembly instructions where the viscosity, oil level and setting recommended by our R&D team are indicated.

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