Bitubo Twin Shocks WMB0

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Made for the "Classic" bikes, with double dampers at the rear, they have specific calibrations for each application, and they are available in different colour versions: "03" totally chromed for the most classic applications, and "02V2" total black .
These shock absorber enhance the comfort and control of the vehicle while driving thanks to the internal hydraulic system. Linear or progressive springs are chosen depending on the vehicle application type.
The spring preload with threaded ring (rather than pre-determinate snaps) allows for a more cautious calibration of the rear used with the rider alone, either with the passenger or with full load.
Gas pressurized mono-cameral shock absorber (Nitrogen), with oil / gas separator floating piston. High-strength alloy steel shock absorbing body, aluminium alloy heads made from full CNC machining.
  • Spring preload (continued)

Application-specific mounting instructions, Suspension manual and keys to make adjustments.
POSSIBLE ACCESSORIES: For some "Old style" bike applications, top and bottom caps, or only upper ones, are available in black or chromed colours. Before, purchasing, make sure that the available mounting space for the cover is sufficient to avoid any possible interference with the chassis, or any bag, parachute, or other accessories on the motorcycle.

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