SKF Fork Seals 48mm WP Heavy Duty

SKF Fork Seals 48mm WP Heavy Duty

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Experience the ultimate riding feeling

The riding feeling and durability are two decisive factors when designing seals for front forks in motorcycles and bicycles. Especially in off-road applications, such as enduro or motocross, the sealing requirements are very demanding.

Our sealing solutions are available for both off-road and on-road use. For motorcycles, the seals come in pairs with a separate oil seal and dirt wiper seal tuned to each other to give low friction for the best ridingse experience, as well as long life. For bicycles the two seals can be combined into a single unit.


Oil seal and wiper seal to minimize contamination ingress
Specifically developed NBR elastomer for reduced and constant friction
Wiper seal with optional dual lip design for harsh contamination environments
New oil sealing lip geometry particularly designed for fork seals

Significantly improved riding comfort
Increased service life and performance
Enhanced water and dirt protection capability
Reduced wear and air suction
Compatibility with a wide range of OE and aftermarket fork oils

SKF Fork Seal 48mm WP {1x fork 1x dust} Heavy Duty

Husaberg TE125 FE250 FE350 12-14 TE250 TE300 FE450 FE501 10-14 FE390 09-12

Husqvarna TC125 TC250 FC250 FC350 FC450 FS450 FE250 FE350 FE450 FE501 14-20 TE125 14-17 TE150 17-19 TE150i TX300i 2020 TE250 03-18 TE300 14-18 TE250i TE300i 18-20 TX300 17-19 FX350 FX450 17-20

KTM 125SX 250SX 91-20 150SX 250XCF 07-20 200SX 2003 250SXF 450SXF 450EXCF 450XCF 03-20 350SXF 350EXCF 350XCF 10-20 360SX 95-96 380SX 98-02 400SXF 400EXCF 00-10 505SXF 07-08 520SX 520EXCF 00-02 525SXF 525EXCF 03-07 125EXC 99-17 150EXC TPi 150XCW TPi 250XC

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