Bladder Conversion Kit - WP 60mm

Bladder Conversion Kit - WP 60mm

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60mm WP Shock Bladder Upgrade Kit

Black Anodized Aluminium Alloy. Designed with a bigger gas capacity and more oil volume than any bladder kit, in fact it’s gas capacity is 25% larger and allows the shock to hold 10% more oil than our nearest competitor.

For you this means:

  • Less fade from 'pump up', when the gas heats up.
  • Less rise in spring rate from the bladder volume. 
  • More oil capacity for a longer life and greater cooling.
  • A Schrader valve for easy servicing.
  • Thin wall body for better heat transfer.
  • Matt black finish for better heat transfer.

Complete Kit Including:

  • One Bladder Cap
  • One OEM KYB Bladder 120106400201
  • One Schrader Gassing Valve with Cap
  • All Seals & O-Rings

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