YSS Twin shocks for CR250M Elsinore

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All YSS shocks come with a two year warranty

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YSS RZ362 Blackline twin shocks are developed to cope with the growing demand for high performance gas twin shocks and are finished in a sleek full black appearance. The YSS RZ shock range is world renowned for their high quality finish and superior performance.

The YSS RZ362 Blackline Shocks feature:

  • Self-adjusting emulsion gas shocks for quicker reaction and better predictably

  • Full black finish

  • 36mm radial piston with 12mm hard-chrome shaft

  • Rebound adjustable to control how fast the shock springs back after being compressed

  • Threaded spring preload

  • Length adjustable – most models


YSS Off-Road RG362 Piggy-Back twin shocks feature attached separate gas canister and are adjustable for compression & rebound. The YSS RG shock range is world renowned for their high quality finish, full damping adjustability and superior performance for road & track applications.

The YSS Off-Road RG362 Shocks feature:

  • Dedicated off-road construction with increased seal protection & off-road valving

  • Bladder equipped gas piggy-back shocks for consistent high performance

  • 36mm radial piston with 12mm hard chrome shaft

  • Compression damping adjustment

  • Rebound damping adjustment

  • Threaded spring preload adjustment

  • Length adjustable – most models

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