About Tim / Track Sessions

Tim from Technical Racinghas been involved in road racing for over 15 years in a range of different capacities.

As a rider Tim has won 2 national championships, The first was in 2009 in a very competitive year in 125GP, where all of the front runners that year have since won at least one national championship. The 2nd was in 250 production where Tim managed to win all races and qualify on pole position every time, setting lap records that haven't been broken since. A few cameo appearances have occured in the 300 Supersport class featuring a lap record and GP title win at Ruapuna in 2018.

Tim also coached the Otago Motorcycle Club's race school for a few years, and after a wrist injury  was the rider coach / mentor for Team Race Supplies 125GP team with Jake Lewis and Avalon Biddle, who took first and second in the championship in 2011. As an ex professional flight instructor, Tim really enjoys teaching people what he's passionate about!

For the 2020, 2021, and 2023 season Tim worked as Jake Lewis' race engineer as part of the Yamaha Superbike team, where he worked with Jake on getting the bikes handling and suspension sorted.


At The Track Sessions:

Tim still works as a rider coach, as well as working with riders to get their suspension setup perfected. Test days at Ruapuna and occasionally other tracks can be booked in with Tim to learn more about this technical aspect of racing and improve your riding, your bike setup, and your lap times!

It is much cheaper to improve lap times by riding a well handling bike better, than spending money on making the bike go faster!

With proven experience, Tim has got some very worthwhile advice to share. To book in a day at the track with Tim, use the 'contact us' page and get in touch!


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