Bitubo Pressurised fork Cartridge EBH00

Bitubo Pressurised fork Cartridge EBH00

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The pressurised EBH cartridge contains a series of innovative systems such as the already known FPS, EC, LC and the new Overpressure Control System OPC (over pressure control)
These systems are the result of a long experience of development by our R&D department in collaboration with some of the best Teams that participated in the World SBK, BSB, IDM, CIV.

On the top cap there are all the adjustments, spring preload, extension and compression which are distinct in the two cartridges, simple and intuitive.
The high damping coefficient at very low speed controls the excessive sinking of the front end from the very first moments of braking.

  • Hydraulic control with FPS system (Bitubo Patent) Ø27mm Ergal piston
  • Ø 10mm pumping rod with anti-friction surface coating
  • Mechanical bottom-out with polyurethane buffer in NBR
  • Upper fork cap with integrated spring preload adjustment
  • Independent damping adjustment in compression and extension
  • Coaxial Compensation Chamber (Bitubo Patent)
  • Ergal cartridge body with anti-friction surface coating
  • Hydraulic lubrication separated from sliding lubrication
  • Pressurization force control system 
LC: This product has a high percentage of special light alloys and details optimized in weight, with the aim of achieving the maximum lightness possible.

FPS: Full Pressure System exhibits the highest efficiency and practicality of this patented system. This innovative damping system provides immediate damping, while avoiding any cavitations of the internal fluid. The system is gas pressurized at low pressure. The cartridges are asymmetric: one controls compression, the other controls rebound. With two alternate chambers at both ends, it is possible to create high damping force even at very low speed.

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