Dal Soggio Ray Kit for WP 4CS Forks

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The RAY pistons kit for WP 4CS is used by professional riders looking for even more high performance, but it is also perfect for any rider who simply wants to obtain the best feel of the WP 4CS front fork. With only a few adjustments, the results are amazing and ensure that the front forks works naturally, creating less friction and giving you greater comfort and safety when you riding your motorcycle.

How does RAY kit pistons work?

The RAY kit completely modifies the way WP 4CS system works, isolating compression in the lower part and rebound in the upper part of each leg, doubling the shim oil flow.

What does RAY include?

The RAY kit includes:

  • 2 assembled compression units
  • 2 pins with rebound calibration
  • 2 compression clickers to apply on the upper caps
  • 2 adjusters to increase the springs’ preload

Which versions of RAY are available?

Two versions of the kit are available: one for all KTM models and one for Husqvarna models that came stock with WP 4CS front forks from 2013 to 2015, and 2016 models


The WP 4CS fork are found on a lot of 200XC 250XC and 300XC as well as many Husqvarna similar bikes.


Fitting includes:

A fork service including checking the bushes and wear components, fitting the kit itself to the fork cartridge, and new fork oil. If you need fork seals done, if you buy them from us, we can fit these for free while we have them apart.

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