Dal Soggio Sphere Cartridge Kit - MX / Enduro

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Please Note: These don not come with springs, they must be purchased separately


The Sphere Cartridge kit is very highly rated Quite simply the best ad for these is 'just google them' you'll see so many comparison tests etc that all show how good these are! They're even better than super expensive Kashima coated KYB SSS works cartridges, for a very reasonable price!

Why choose SPHERE?

The Sphere Cartridge kit is very highly rated, and it is becoming accepted now as the best among most riders who have tried them.

The answer is very simple. This  sealed and pressurized cartridge considerably increases the precision and sensitivity of the forks, giving better feedback to the rider. Consequently, beyond just safety, you will have more fun riding your dirt bike, whether you are racing or just out having fun riding with friends.

With Fast preload adjustment capapability (without removing the cartridge from the fork) it's easier to find the right setting

Which model of front fork is available?

SPHERE is available for all models of front forks:  WP XPLOR, WP 4CS CROSS, WP 4CS ENDURO, WP OPEN, KYB, MARZOCCHI 48, SACHS 48.  Dal Soggio Race also offers a new springs kit for SHOWA 49 AIR 2015, KYB AIR 2014, KYB AIR PSF 2015, SHOWA 49 AIR SFF 2016, SHOWA AIR SFF KAWASAKI, KAYABA PSF2 for conversion from air to traditional springs.


At Technical Racing we have the tools and know how to install your Sphere cartridges and any other add ons with the right settings for them to work very well

    As there are too many different models for us to stock, please allow 4 weeks for delivery

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