YSS Yamaha R3 Top Level Race Shock

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This YSS race shock is an excellent option for the R3, and is the highest spec available under the MNZ rules for the 300 Supersport class.

Featuring Hi and Lo speed compression adjusters, rebound adjuster, hydraulic preload adjuster and length adjuster (standard length to +10mm), it has all of the adjustment a racer needs.

With a 45mm Piston, this shock provides excellent dampening characteristics. Something that only High end race shocks offer.

Comes with a 165 N/mm spring (approx 940 inch/lbs) fitted, and the full racing option comes with 2 alternate springs (5N either way from fitted)


The Hydraulic preload adjuster makes adjusting the preload much easier, without the need for a preload spanner.


Please note the shock pictured, has the hose type hydraulic preload adjuster

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